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Please find some links and notes from the 2 Regular Guys Podcast. We welcome back Kristine Shreve of EnMart to special guest host episode #2 of our ongoing series where we discuss topics about Women in the Industry. We invite 3 other wonderful young ladies to join Kristine to talk about different topics and solutions that are important to the wonderful ladies in the decorating world. This version will focus on Self Promotion and the challenges that women face when having to self promote. What tools, tips, and tricks do these powerful ladies employee to best Self Promote. Thanks to Heather Streible, Taniya Ahmed, and Lyndsie Salcido for lending their time to this great conversation.

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Women and Self Promotion

Heather Streible is Co-owner of Replica Screenprinting which is a woman and family own screen printing shop located in Cave City Kentucky. Heather has been in the printing for over 20 years but co-owning Replica for the past 5. 

Taniya Ahmed is the key driver of growth for Kommon Thread, a clothing line design production, and drop ship agency. Taniya has also been a key player in helping innovate in the apparel digitally printing industry, with the newly invented hat printing platen called The CAPtain. 

Lyndsie Salcido entered the embroidery industry as a digitizer in 2007 and helped fuel the surge in the cottage and children’s market. In 2011, she founded the Applique Getaway, an event aimed at hobby embroiderers and small businesses. The event has grown alongside the target audience, adding vendors and classes featuring software, vinyl and digital cutting, sublimation, commercial embroidery and more, all while maintaining the event’s fun and friendly atmosphere.

Kristine Shreve is the Director of Marketing for EnMart and parent company Ensign Emblem. While at EnMart, she developed and continues to write the EnMart Threaducate Blog at https://threaducate.com/ and the SubliStuff blog at http://www.sublistuff.com , as well as maintaining the EnMart Twitter feed http://www.twitter.com/EnMartian and Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/Enmartpage . Kristine also writes for a number of industry magazines and speaks about social media at the Decorated Apparel Expo (DAX) trade shows.

  1. What were you told about self-promoting growing up?
  2. Culturally, are women that self-promote taken seriously?
  3. Do you think the industry or make-up of the industry (balance of men vs. women) in which you’re promoting yourself matters?
  4. Do you think how you feel about yourself (appearance, confidence in ability etc.) impacts how willing you are to self-promote?
  5. How do we help women get better at self-promotion?
  6. How do women work together to help promote each other? 

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