Working with Foreign Digitizers


Please find some links and notes from the 2 Regular Guys Podcast. Aaron and Terry are at the SGIA Expo in Las Vegas, NV and to add some fun technical challenges they are bringing in two awesome guests from Blumenau Brazil. Carolyn Cagle is a long time embroider who has developed a friendship with her digitizer, Vitor of Vitordigitizing. Carolyn recently decided to take a bit of a working vacation to visit Vitor and see how things work in Brazil. We are fortunate enough to get her and Vitor on the show to talk about digitizing, relationships and how to open up your world by working with foreign digitizers. Not only do we get a ton of great information, but as always the 2 Regular Guys find a way to have a lot of fun along the way.

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Working with Foreign Digitizers

Terry: So, Carolyn – how is it that an embroiderer from Minnesota decides to fly down to Brazil? What are you doing there now, and how did this all start?

Aaron: You have a lot of experience in machine embroidery, both in commercial production and in creating your own fashion pieces- what has been the greatest difference you’ve noticed in the way Vitor’s shop in Brazil runs compared to how you usually work? Are the processes and materials the same, or are there differences?

Terry: Anyone who listens to the show knows how much I think everyone should always be looking for niche markets; what are the primary markets you sell into, Vitor? What kinds of unique niche markets or products make your shop different?

Aaron: Pricing models are a constant discussion even within the US; embroiderers seem to have many idiosyncratic methods for quoting jobs; what kind of pricing methods are common in Brazil? What’s different about quoting and how do people tend to take payment for jobs, Carolyn?

Terry: Carolyn- Why did you choose to work with Vitor as a digitizer? People often discuss the problems they have had with quality or meeting expectations when working with digitizers outside of the US, what makes working with Vitor different? (Vitor, how did you start looking for business outside of Brazil?)

Aaron: What will you take away from this experience visiting Brazil? What’s the most important thing you learned inside the shop and what is something you learned, when you weren’t in production? Vitor, what have you learned from having Carolyn there?

Terry: Thanks again for coming on the show, Carolyn and Vitor! Do you have anything you’d like to share or mention before we let you go? Where can we find more about your trip and work?

Carolyn Cagle spent 15 years in the graphic and print industry before going to work for the family decoration business which is 46 years in operation doing embroidery and screen printing where she learned the ropes from her mother and brother; She started a custom mitten business in 2004 and continues that work as well as working on custom small run embroidery and custom pieces in her home studio. Vitor has been in the industry since 1994, starting at the age of 14 running multi-head embroidery. In 2001, he started a small embroidery shop with a friend and began digitizing, working long hours on his own to teach himself. In 2003 he found his first client outside of Brazil and continues to digitize for clients all over the world. Vitor now has 3 single-head machines running samples and small local orders, and stays busy helping embroiderers and digitizers by teaching through his Facebook groups.

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